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Organisational Learning

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Does your organisation suffer from any of the following symptoms?:

Costs rising or not falling as fast as you would like to see them?
Little increase in efficiency?
Repetitive mistakes leaking funds from your company?
Corporate knowledge tied up in the heads of the few?
Key documents not kept up to date in a live environment?
Current best practice applied intermittently?
Valuable learning taking place in isolated areas and not distributed across the organisation?
New participants take a long time to become effective?
Communication of key information poorly targeted to the right audience?
Do people wonder who is responsible for what?
Do projects falter when the team members change or if they are delayed?

If any of the above questions cause you concern then we can help!


Our Mission

To enhance the Integrity and Efficiency of our clients business.



Company Profile

Allomax limited is a consulting and software development company.

We are leaders in the field of management systems whose clients include Eastern Generation, BP, Shell, ExxonMobil, Halliburton (Brown & Root), Schlumberger, Kinetica, British Gas.

Our clients tell us that Wellmax leads the field in its holistic approach to the subject of organisational learning in a project management environment.

Our clients include corporations facing severe health, safety, environmental and cost pressures.  Our system has been honed in this demanding environment to bring a simple but effective solution to the Organisational Learning conundrum.



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